Tom Lantsoght Lantsoght started working in 1996 as a freshly graduated sommelier at ‘Bacchus Wine and Spirits’. After 14 years of experience, he took over the business and fathomed the better wine and champagne wineries.

Recently, (2016) Tom was joined in purchase and sale by world wine master sommelier conseil Suze La Rousse, Marino Opsomer. Both passionate about all things culinary, they will constantly search for wines with finesse and elegance.

Patrick Lefebvre, the driver who has been delivering your order at home or office for years now.

Valerie Verkinderen is in charge of the house style, social media, communication and advertising.

Our vision

With this website, besides wine advice, we also like to offer you an overview of the newcomers in our range, culinary addresses we recommend, degustation days too good to miss, our promotions, but also more general information about wine and alcoholic beverages. We hope that our website can act as inspiration for all those who (like to) know the good things in life.

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